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I don't see a cake when I open that link. Can you attach it somehow or put it in your photo album?it sounds beautiful though
for a planner who was so busy she didn't follow up on the cake payment she sure found time to follow up on an issue that is already a closed bookshe is way unprofessional.I feel bad for the bride, who knows what else fell through the cracks.
Seriously, this lady s shady "go ahead and make my cake" I don't think so.It is less than $3.00 to get delivery confirmation on a letter. Perhaps you should refer her to the USPS, they keep track of mail, not cake makers.
good for you for standing up for yourself. Forget the guilt, it's totally not your problem.I was thinking of wording a policy for orders placed after the final payment deadline (for me it's 2 weeks b4 wedding)
i totally get it... I have frosting in my hair right now, at least it smells good
If you are brave and would like to try the IMBC again then I say go for it.There are plenty of threads that discuss IMBC troubleshooting.Mostly you just need to keep it in the mixer until it is fluffy and creamy, not soupy or cottage cheese like.I am not an expert but you want to be sure your butter is room temp and you whip the egg/syrup mixture a good long time until it for sure is room temp.I love IMBC b/c it isn't too sweet. If you do try this then let me know how it...
YES YES YES, greed can seriously cloud people's judgement, well so can guilt I guess
i know it would be hard for you to get there and then have to take your cake back if they don't pay but be sure you stick to your guns.They likely will pay you but incase they don't you have to show them you mean business. If they offer to pay in advance be sure you say has been said so many times on this site and will be said many times money = no cake
I just did a cake last weekend that was IMBC with pink satin bow pinned on. I used double sided tape to stick on the waxed paper but I was considering spraying the entire ribbon and bow with Pam just to be sure the grease soak was even and not spotty as the whole ribbon and bow would not be touching the cake.I placed the tape on the ribbon, then placed the waxed paper on top and trimmed to the size of the ribbon.If you are going to iron it here are 3 tips-be sure it's not...
wow, this site sells them for $4.00 each in the bags and with a tag. would be $1260.00 I'd say that is a gift if I ever saw one. Don't forget about S&H too. You are very generous.
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