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 NOOOOOOOOOOO! IMBC can almost always be saved. So sorry you didn't get help sooner. Search in the top right corner of the home page for IMBC troubleshooting and you will find many threads discussing all the potential issues with IMBC. Next time, save it.
One more vote for the Progressive Stainless Steel Bash 'n Chop. I love it. I have other bench scrapers that will do the job, but i love the way this handle feels in my hand.
 Wow, this is all really great advice!!!! Especially about practicing every day until the test
  Here are instructions for uploading an image to an album, for example you could upload this cake to birthday cakes. Then come back in this thread and let us know you uploaded it with the link so we can see it!
I didn't even know you could make marshmallow w/o egg whites!!!!!  I have only ever made them with eggs, which were delicious. I am so inspired to attempt vegan marshmallows now that I know I can make them w/o eggs.  I can sub agar agar for the gelatin.
You need to use oil based or powdered colors to mix with the modeling chocolate.  Good luck!
 I only use meringue buttercream and I see no reason you should not color it dark colors. Why would American BC be easier/better to color? I have had great success "blooming" my color. It yields a richer darker color and uses less gel, which IMO improves the taste of colored BC. I prepare my BC as usual, the scoop out 1/4 cup of it into a microwave safe cup/bowl. Add several drops of gel color and stir well. Then microwave until melted, usually about 10 seconds, the color...
Trader Joe's has canned coconut cream, which has more fat than regular coconut milk. Oh and their semi-sweet chocolate chips are vegan too!   I found a recipe here that uses regular canned coconut milk, which you can get at any grocery store:   I would not recommend the coconut coffee creamer, and BTW that isn't dairy free.
I haven't had piping gel dry up and go gummy, but I have applied it not that long before serving. It sounds like MBalaska had applied it a day in advance.   If you don't let it dry out too long you shouldn't have any issues getting a knife through it. You can color it with gel color and apply it on top of buttercream or fondant. It's perfect for a beach cake with water.   Post your pics when it's done!
 it looks great! Can't wait to see the finished cake.
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