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The James Rosselle ball tool set are the best ball tools I have ever used. Before I used it I thought a ball tool was just a ball tool. mostly I had used plastic ball tools before. I love that the James Rosselle set comes with diff sizes, but the best thing about them is how they feel in your hand. It is noticeably comfortable. They are perfectly weighted and balanced, like they almost work themselves.   Maybe I am overly excited about James' ball tools but once you try...
If there was grease in the bowl I don't think you would get the whites whipped in the first place. So you would be experiencing the issue before you added the syrup.   It does seem the issue is with the syrup. Have you checked your thermometer for accuracy? I found this:   Now I'm going to go check my thermometer.
I think I found their FB page:   And that's enough distraction for today! Back to work for me.
He is an amazing cake maker btw, check this one out. Those roses are as big as his face.  
 How much cake do they need to serve? If you can get enough cake out of teh bottom 2 tiers, I would do the rest in dummies. This is the guy who made that cake: Chef Omar Addihaoui of Opera Cafe
I can't say for sure which one RBI uses but this one is excellent. Seems expensive but it will literally last you your whole lifetime.
What kind of eggs are you using? I have never had this happen to me and I always crack and separate my eggs while they're cold, then leave them in the mixer bowl to come to room temp before whipping.   Possibly you could be having issues if you use pasteurized egg whites.
Try the blooming technique.   When coloring buttercream I take a small amount, like 1/4 cup, and mix my color into it. Lots of color, way deeper than you want your finished color to be.   Then melt the colored stuff in the microwave or in a small pan. Do not make it hot, just melted. The color will deepen intensely.   A bit at a time, add the melted colored buttercream to your white buttercream until you get the color you want.
You could carve one. This tutorial might help you though it is small pots not a large one.
 Sadly we all lost an amazingly generous, kind and talented person just over a year ago. I still think of him often, obviously his presence is missed here in the Cake Central community as well.
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