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I use the nails all the time. I use 2 for that size of pan.
Which store in Mpls?? I'm in the area...maybe I'll have to visit you
I use rose nails all the time. They work great!!
So cute! Sorry I don't know how this is done.
Wow! Great cake!! Congrats on the win, you did an awesome job!
This all just happened last week. We suspected the company was struggling and about to close. When they announced the closing, it was sad for all of us. Then to top it all off, the car accident that killed our co worker...that just seemed to break us all.Thank you for you thoughts and prayers!
I worked at the Burnsville location. All stores are closed and yes, for good. Right after the stores closed a member of our staff was killed and a car accident and his input was key to keeping the website going, so that too will no longer be available.
All locations are now closed and the website is down, most likely for good.
can anyone clarify this for me??
Working from the back of the cake, pull the fondant out (like a skirt) and press it down on the side of the cake. Always work from the cake of the cake, it makes it easier. Hope that helps.
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