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New york (yes, impending blizzard). Have to leave in about 3 hours. I feel nauseous m just ran to store, going to recover and display separately. Hating life. Have to let the woman know soon
Took it apart, its worse than before. I dont think I can fix this. The cakes seem too soft. I am debating whether to get more fondant, recover, and display separately. And either discount the price or not charge at all. Im so upset and cant stop crying which doesnt help.
Thanks for your help, will try to fix tomorrow
12, 10, 8, and 6
Ii want to fix it, that is why I'm asking for help. The bottom tier is 12" so I guess 4 dowels wasn't enough. I used the wooden ones this time. How many do you recommend for 12˝? What about the 10"?
I stuck 1 dowel in, cut it at cake level, pulled out and cut other 3 the same length. I repeated this per tier I really don't understand this
Thanks for your responses. I am not sure what I could do differently to level it properly. I leveled everything as I always do. I put 4 dowels in each tier and measured them. Do you think it will eventually fall? Ugh, this is terrible!!!!!
I am freaking and have no idea what to do. I have a 4- tier cake that i have to deliver tomorrow and it looks like the leaning tower of Piza. I used dowels on each tier and 1 large one thru the whole thing. It was still leaning so I put another one all the way thru. It's still leaning and the tiers are bubbling out on the sides. What can I do?? Thanks.
try NY Cake & Bake56 West 22nd Street Between 5th & 6th Avenues NY, NY 10010 TEL: (212)675-CAKE Hours Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 6:00 pm Closed on Sundays
Hey all... I have a cupcake order for tomorrow and trying to make gumpaste out of fondant. No prob, just add tylose right? Well its oily and there are little hard pieces of fondant that I cant seem to work out. Ive added a ton of confectionary sugar and have been kneading for 20 mins. Help! Thanks in advance
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