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It really is crazy how much sugar and carbs are in things you would never have guessed. Believe me, our world was turned upside down when we got the diagnoses. I know there are worse things out there but it is still quite life-changing.  Not only do we have to manage and take care of the daily things but then having to explain to people why she can't have something when it's "sugar-free". You wouldn't believe the people who get upset and act like I'm overreacting.
In all honesty I use Pillsbury cake mix and indydebi's buttercream icing.
I just saw this post, haven't been on in a while.  Just to give you a heads up, just because a cake is made with splenda and is a "diabetic" recipe doesn't mean it's okay for a diabetic. My daughter was diagnosed 6 months ago, it's the carbs you have to watch. I have done a lot of research and from what I have found is most "diabetic" recipes have more carbs than the regular recipe. When we have birthday parties she is allowed (at her snack time) 1 carb. Which is a 30 gram...
I mixed cheesecake pudding in my buttercream for a couple to taste with the red velvet and they LOVED it. They didn't realize it wasn't real cream cheese icing. So, that is what I use now if someone wants cream cheese icing.
I have difference packages brides can pick from. One is just cake, I bring it in, sit it down and leave. Another one is cake and punch. And my deluxe package is I decorate the cake table with table skirt, table cloth in the brides colors, I provide candles, table flowers, punch, nuts, homemade mints, coffee, plates, cups, and forks. This package gets bought the most.
I have done the topsy turvy that the cakes sit inside the other cakes. I love that style, because I can use the sps. I only use that system. That being said, I've been asked to make a wedge topsy turvy for a graduation cake. The wedge is covered in flowers, it will be a 6" round, 10" round and a 12" hex. with the wedge under the 6" and 10" the 12" will be flat on the board. My idea was using the sps, on 2 of the legs use say 7" legs and the other 2 use 4" legs. Where I use...
I have been asked to make petit fours. I don't want to use poured fondant, I've had trouble with that in the past. I would like to use white chocolate. Which would work better just melting it and pouring it over and covering like cake balls or making candy clay and covering like fondant? My next question is if I use candy clay, can I make it with almond bark or do I need to purchase the candy disks?Thanks so much!
I am in north central MO. The only application I have found online is one for ice cream shops. Thanks for all your help.
Thank you, I would think we would be okay on zoning. We live across the street from a used car lot and down the street a neighbor had her hair salon in her basement.
Hubby and I made the offical decision this past weekend that we are enclosing the garage for my legal kitchen. I'm scared to death!!!! Just because it's such a big step and I don't know where to begin. We are in the process of cleaning out the garage and getting it bare so we can see the next step. I've been reading the missouri food code, now my head hurts. I know our county follows the state's guidelines (we don't have separate laws for the county). One of my questions...
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