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I have done this. I notice it takes longer to cook, I check and check it as it cooks I guess because it the height! fill 3/4 full and be prepared to level the top but yes I make these all the time
go to the photo gallery here and look under holidays then halloween there is the coolest couple of eyeball cakes plus a couple of frankenstein head cakes that I am definitely going to do this year.
when I make that cake everyone seems to not like the graham crackers because everyone wants "frosting" but yes it must have been the gel, it is a pretty look but I haven't tried it I make my "water" with blue/white not quite mixed and then frost to look like waves.I am sorry for you, I feel your pain.
I found it!! it was on the power ranger cake and she explained how she did it. Thanks!!!!
I think that would be more than the Barbie because of the fondant and having to take the time to make the bows.I am so bad at charging enough and then I end up eating the cost, NO pun intended.
They are awesome!!! But you must take off the sprayer and rinse it through every so often or it does spray blotches.
I have a quick question I thought of this too, at least an album but I thought to discretely (sp) put in the price on the page so that they aren't asking for every one and besides I remember only charging $25 for my barbie cake and heck that thing should have been $50! And that way I am not scrambling to quote or remember a price which I ALWAYS do, you know how someone says I need a blah blah blah cake how much would that cost? And you are put on the spot and throw out a...
Hi who made the foam topper and how was that made and attached, I remember asking on that cake but can not remember what cake it was.Thanks!Tracy
this isn't exactly coffee cake but it is gooood! it is the same as Harry's Farmers Market which is famous but they call it hummingbird cake mine is the exact same but called mockingbird cake. I use different pans depending on the occasion. This is one of my favorites! Frost this with a cream cheese frosting for a bruncheon, or a spiced fruit glaze for an evening dessert.3 c. flour1 tsp. salt1 tsp. cinnamon3 eggs, beaten1 1/2 tsp. vanilla1 (8 oz.) can crushed pineapple,...
No I think you need to do what you think is right I would have done the same thing be honest. My only concern is how to transport and not cutting myself short I ALWAYS do that not charge enough for my cakes because I think.....well everything. Better to be honest but hey remember it is 1 cake at a time just a lot of them to make a wedding cake!! And some of the wedding cakes are simpler designs than the 3-D's.
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