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I used to do raspberry jam as a filling and people loved it. Then, when needing something different, I mixed the jam with buttercream. I recently started using dehydrated raspberries--pulverizing them in the food processor, and then mixing that in with buttercream. I think that's my favorite combination. 
Thank you and yes, they are metal tips. I had thought of my Goo Gone,  but don't like the toxicity and the smell of it. I just used (lots of) elbow grease and a scrubber and finally got it all off. 
I got some new icing tips at a small specialty store. They put their (rather large) price tags on each tip. I soaked the tips and got the paper part of the tags off but am having trouble with the adhesive. Any non-toxic suggestions for this? Google was unhelpful today and I didn't see anything about this in a cakecentral search. Thanks!
I did not read the link that mermaidcakery posted, but I did read a tutorial on heart cupcakes sometime recently. That person (don't recall which blog) par-baked the bottom half of the cupcakes, then put the hearts in the partially set-up batter and topped with more batter to finish baking. Able to picture that? The partially baked batter held the hearts upright and in place when the rest of the batter was added.
Hmmm...150 people - not worth my time. Thoughts: You are the only cake vendor but are there other food vendors that would ultimately take sales away from you? How many craft booths will people be looking at? What is the cost for your booth? Do you have to supply a table or is one given to you? What is your cost for ingredients and supplies? What is your cost for time in preparation and sitting there? I don't know what you googled exactly to get the 10% rule, but...
There's always a way to find out the expected number of visitors. Call the event organizers. Look at their web site. Talk to people who have been vendors in past years. Knowing that number will be your best beginning to know how much to take with you. Be proactive. If you want to effectively market yourself, you need to be prepared for the potential visitors to your booth.
A google image search sends you here:
Hello! I'm resurrecting this thread to see if there's anything new in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  When I used to live there, Maid of Scandinavia was my go-to place.  I've been out of the area for 10 years, now so I'm hoping things have changed.  Where do all of you in the Cities (or Western Wisconsin) shop?  I'd love to do some cake/cookie shopping while I'm up here for the holidays.
Thank you for all the replies.  You've inspired me.  I'll post photos when I get to this set.  It won't be this week, though...
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