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i didn't think to get any money out of it thank you so much and congrats on your cookie company
i was just mother and i are having a debate about that...i mean, pizza hut is a name, right? what if i wanted to name my business, say the chocolate chip factory (it's probably an actual business but i am using it as an example) someone please help me
i've gone with the cupcakes (they are in the oven as i am typing) and i am definitely going to use all of your suggestions (especially the sleep!)thank, thank, thank you so very much for the ideas and the encouragement
i opened my big mouth and offered to do a baby shower has been so long since i've done one that i thought i could do it and be ready for pick-up at friend told me that i could do either a cake or cupcakes (whichever one i was happy with) and i has planned to do a 2 tier gift box cake and i have already stripped the top tier of its fondant, replaced it with new fondant and it still looks like a donkey's *&%!! i have the other tier iced and sitting there...
i was using the temp in the recipe and a smaller pan...i thought by cutting the recipe in half that it would just be enough for just kept rising and rising....i turned down the temp so hopefully it will turn out ok once i get it out of the pan...thx hon
trixie, you are so bad..LOLOLOLi thought about that but wanted to know if that was the course i should i turn down the heat so it will cook in the middle?thx
bumping because it is looking pretty bad in there
i might have put too much batter in the pan and it is over flowing! can it be salvaged? it is over the rim of the pan and falling through to the bottom of the oven! do i stop baking it and scooping some of the batter out or just let it bake through? please help me!!!i'm such a bonehead!crystal
let's keep this going LOL....i, too, would like to know how to make my cupcakes domeplease and thanks
is he a gamer? maybe you can do one in the shape of an xbox with a controller? i've seen some pictures of the xbox that are very cool
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