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My family and friends are great! Everytime I do a $$$ cake they offer to send me money for supplies. I never know how much. Is there a certain % that you charge?
I am in this process too. How about Crumley's Cakery?
I am starting a cake business and I am in the process of figuring out the menu and recipes to use. I have mostly scratch recipes but use the WASC cake recipe, because I can't find a white cake recipe I like. My question it ok to use this or should it be from scratch? I feel kind "funny" using a boxed cake. How about icing? Do a lot of businesses buy icing in bulk? Or make it all yourself? Thanks for any info.
So what would I be doing that is not proper? My chocolate cakes come out just fine. It's just the white ones. It's been different recipes too.
I am wodering if people cut off the "crusty" sides and top of their white cake layers before icing? It bugs me! But I'm scared if I start carving the crust off I'm going to end up with a crooked cake.
Thank you! That was very helpful
Maybe someone here can help me with my questions. I'm in Mn so I don't know if these questions will apply to everyone but,When you use a kitchen at a facility for your business are you individually licensed? Does the health/agriculture board come out and look at it and then license you?Do they come occasionally to check it out? If it's already a kitchen that gets inspected do they still inspect it for your usage?How do they know you are really baking and decorating out of...
thanks those are good ideas!
A friend and I may have an opportunity to rent out a kitchen at a local establishment in our city. If we do this we can start advertising and get a business going. My question is, Where would we do taste testings for brides?
MN snow, Where do you find space for only $20/hr? I've called a couple places in the twin cities area, but nothing that cheap, not even my church
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