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So I have a baby shower cake to do then end of the month. The theme is "she is ready to pop" so they have ordered a pop corn box with a baby bottom on top. My question is how do I stack the popcorn box? I have never made a solid cake that would be that tall. So I dont know if i need a cake board after every two layers or how to keep it structurally sound especially since it has to be carved up on a slant on all four sides. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! TIA
I would appreciate that. My family is going to be sick of carrot cake by the time this order done I have a feeling! I dont know what a cream cheese recipe should entail. The one I found on here is cream cheese, butter, vanilla and confectioners. I can taste the cream cheese but is seems overly sugary. I added some more cream cheese to play, but I again am not sure what others expect it to be like. Thank you for any help!
I know this might sound odd but I am doing my very first carrot cake this weekend. It was never something we had in our family growing up and in ten years of making cakes for people nobody has ever requested one. I did a gift certificate at a benefit for my niece and the woman that won it is cashing in. I made one today as a practice... did I mention Ive never made cream cheese frosting either?! It tastes really good, I could definitely eat it all the time lol My problem...
Thanks for all the tips! I have them chilling as we speak. Lets hope I dont see anymore splatter on my counter!!!
So I always see cute ideas for cake pops but never had an opportunity to make them. I have also never worked with candy melts. I finally have a need for them for my mother in laws 50th. I thought cant be that hard.... apparently I am niave!? I think I started with them too big cuz when I went to dip them they fell off stick. So we went smaller..... ya they still fell off stick as they were drying. Plus my chocolate just doesnt' seem to get thin enough. If anyone has any...
I love this! I actually take this to a lot of family functions. I make a half sheet and cut into pieces and layer. We call it punch bowl cake cuz thats what I normally serve it in. Have tried white cake and vanilla puddingtoo and its very yummy! Way to think on your toes!
I am doing a nature cake for a grad going into conservation. I want to make the waterfall the main focal point. I have seen some great waterfalls done by CC members. I was just looking for pointers. I like the look of the white waves over the blue water. I am just not sure how to get it to come down over two different layers and look like flowing water. Any help greatly appreciated
I made it using a pyrex bowl for the belly and then using my oven safe cereal bowls for the boobs. This gave me a lot more cake for all the people at the shower.
I was asked to do a cake last minute for a family friend. The only kind of fondant I can purchase around here so quick is the Wilton kind. My family hates this fondant.... dont blame em i dont think it tastes very good either. My questions are.... Can you add flavoring to this fondant to make it taste better? And I have never tried making my own fondant, always thought it was just easier to buy premade. Is this true? If homemade fondant is easy, what are some of the better...
Yeah I wish it was that easy.... the wife absolutely didn't want fondant. So I am stuck trying to find a way to do it in BC without looking like its the first cake I have ever completed!!
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