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I use this recipe for cakes and cupcakes. Sometimes I leave the red color out (for white cake) and sometimes I only use a little more cacao for chocolate.HTH
There should be a colorpaste that is real red, I did not have that and I put some yellow in it to take the 'pink' color of. I was quite happy with it.I used it for the ladybug. (in my photo's)
I've made a ladybug wich stayed pink.... Ik did some yellow trough my fondant.I do not know if it will help you.Good luck!
Maybe you can look here.
Maybe a panda bear? Bamboo (from chocolate sticks)Or (I used it for my the girl next door from China, also adopted) maybe you translate some Chinese signs on babelfish
Maybe your photo is too big? Try to resize them.Here is a link to a free program:
Presenting Dork II...... Your cakes really are looking good!
Thank you!That is a great video!
Why are my pictures soooo big??
OMG. I laughed so hard I had to put my glasses down for several times! First the baby, that was fun, but after she told about the bear and the stickers I could not take any breath! I still imagine the baby in the fridge!Ow and those tiny babyshoes dancing in cocaine! Or the hippo that had landed on his back... WhoahahahahaaBut okay I'm new here and started 1 month ago. I'm a very impulsive person and I landed on this site just before my daughter became 11. I HAD to...
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