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I am decorating a 4 tier wedding cake. The bride wants all square shape. My design for the largest bottom tier include a pleated skirt. Normally this is done with round shape but not square. How would skirt look on a square cake.
I want to know too.
lol, you are correct. My error.
I need some ideas for fondant round/square cake that will be decorated in rhinestone. Any ideas or pictues to share? The cake must say BLINK, BLINK" according to the bride.
Thanks Indydebi.
Thanks.IndyDebi, I live in a small town and my only competition is a bistro resturant that does wedding cakes on the side. Their starting price is $400.00. So I did some calculation and I believe it work out to be $4.00 per slice serving 100 pp. I guess due to their overhead.My question, I know I should not price my cakes to low and I should not undercut the competition. My base starting price is $200.00 minimum order, B/C $3.50 and fondant $4.00. Do you think this is...
Thanks for the replies. Soo, if I wait for the BC to crust before stacking, when it time to disassemble the cake, the buttercream on the top of the bottom tier will not get stuck to the bottom of the smaller tier. I'll try the waxed paper circle as well.
I made a 3 tier stacked buttercream cake (Sizes 6, 10, 14). When it was time to cut the cake, I removed each tier. As I took the tiers apart, for example I removed the 6" and the top of the 10" icing come off exposing the cake. How can I prevent this from happening in the future? Do I need to insert the dowel rod 1/8 taller so that cake will rest on the dowel rods and not the actual 10" (bottom) cake.
Just wondering, if you can roll out fondant with a dough sheeter. It's less expensive than a somerset fondat sheeter. For fondant accents, I noticed a few people use a pasta machine. Your thougts please.
OOOOOOOO, I want a fondant sheeter. The one that Cake Boos uses.Infinitskylease explain in detail how you made your table top light.
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