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Thanks BakingIrene.
Lately, I have seen a lot of diamond pendants on cakes. I want to make a cake with a diamond pendant holding the bow in place. Please tell how to make theses.
I want to post my photos online but I want my name watermark on each picture, what software do you recommend?
Is there a difference between a dough and fondant sheeter that sits on the counter top? I need to purchase a fondant sheet and realize it is a few dollars more than the dough sheeter.Your thoughts?
Thanks everyone for your response.
Inspired by Michelle created this lovely cake. Anyone know how to create the ruffle technique for the second tier.
I am doing a skirt effect on the bottom tier of the largest cake. The design is black and white with 3 red flowers. I would like to put a design at the bottom of the skirt (trimming) as it drapes on the cake board to resemble a wedding grown. The color of the design at the bottom must be black and red. The skirt will be white. Any ideas , scrolls dots, etc.
The cake will be decorated in fondant.
I am putting afondant bow on the side of a square cake. The bow will be position in the middle. Any suggestion to keep the bow from falling off or securing it to the cake?
I want to try this on a square cake. How yo think it would look?Any sugguestions?
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