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I can only find swan cake flour, is that just as good as soft as silk cake flour
kansaslaura, your picture is so funny. (Get out of my kitchen)
oh sorry, I got it wrong. U are the wife. Well, as before If u have a good relationship with the ex-wife go ahead and do. Its a stickly situation to be in because, the ex-wife can make fun of you. Play it safe and think about it some more.
Excellent work. Very nice
Okay, I will check the bulk barn, Sobeys and Atlantic Superstore. I guess I was not looking good enoughThanks guys
I live in Darmouth, Nova Scotia. Where can I find Cake flour and Dutch process Coca powder?
I am from Nassau, Bahamas, but presently in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia attending Dalhousie Unversity.
I started doing cakes when I really discover that the local food store have there bake cake in the display stand for days. How old and moldly that sound. Anyway, I went to wiltons in May 2005 and started my homebase business. I wanted to specialize in wedding cake and fondant. Since I have been decorating and love it.
Oh even it its past the expiry date once in the freeze once melted it will still be good for a few days.
When i purchase a gallon of milk I usually freeze it until I am ready to use it. It is just like new, same taste and texture.
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