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Miriel, Do you use Butavan in all of your cakes?
One questionDo you crave the cake out like a dress first and then assembly?
check website its there.
okay, thanks alot
your cake is wonderful. Brides have to understand they are bringing a picture of someone else cake for you to duplicate. All details might not be exactly the same but you did an excellent job on reduplicating the cake, keep up the good work. There is a bad apple in every bunch.
ohmygoodness, you need to write a book. It will definetly buy it
lilscakes, have u try Tobba Garretts Moist yellow cakes as yet? What is your view
Use both some customers will be able to have access to your work at their convenience.
I have not started doing cookies bouquets as yet,but I really appreciate the advice. I will have to things these suggestions.
sugarshack, is that one cup of liquid creamer plus one cup of water.
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