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Anyone did Maisie Parrish classes? or have you brought her book or her tools to start making sugar art. I am thinking about purchasing her started kit. Her work is great
My daughter loves Dora and Diego. Her 3rd b-day is approaching and need some ideas. I was thinking of a 2 tier fondant cake. Make Dora and Diego out of fondant as well. Or should I do a regular cake and do a buttercream transfer the characters. Need help!!!!!
You can use any towel. I usually use an old towel cut into strips to fit around the cake pan and wet them with cold water. I save money and they work just as good.
Thank you Briansbaker.
Please tell me how to do the diamond pattern out of fondant. I see a lot of cakes on cc have that pattern.
You guys give me alot to think about.
Penguinprincess, I PM u the recipe.
Thanks ange14843, that recipe is definetly a keeper. Will try it this week
Has anyone tried this recipe that is in the recipe section? What is your view? Looking for a good carrot cake recipe
As the exterior of the cake bakes quicker than the inside, I suggest you turn your oven temperture down for the last 10 or so mins to prevent that. Or try wrapping your cake pan with a wet cloth while baking (baking stripps), this may help. Or but a pan of hot water at the bottom shelf of the oven and bake the cake on the top shelf. A few ideas to ponder on.
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