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Floral foam sound tucky anyway, stick with dummies
Try this book Professional baking by Wayne & Gisslen. Its teaches you all about baking. Everything you need to know for baking different cakes, different mixing method and it even have a lot of recipes as well. the content includes:Basic PrinciplesIngredientsUnderstanind Yeast and doughYeast dough formulas and techniquesquick breaddoughnuts, etcpastries, creams,...
do you know of any other tutorial website for cake? Please share I would love to expand my knowledge.
Great ideas Doug! Wil keep those patterns
Great website, added to my favorite.
Where can I buy one from?
How often do you use your projector? Are they expensive or worth the wild of purchasing one?
Thanks Azeboi2005 & Adrienne0317 your cakes are nice. I did the search for Dora and I just loved lilmansmum cake. Link below'll try this one.Thanks guys.
okay, how to delete a post?
Anyone did Maisie Parrish classes? or have you brought her book or her tools to start making sugar art. I am thinking about purchasing her started kit. Her work is great
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