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Looking for a good fondant and flower making book. Any ideas?
Carson, - My opinion is this is the time for you to expand your own business. The foodstore will hire you and will not pay you what you are worth. You are being notice by others. Think long term and not short term.
Thanks for the quotes, they encourage me.
Great recipes, thanks for sharing.
I am trying this recipe. thank you
Sad to say my husband did not support me at first. He would get upset when I take so much time to decorate cakes and be away from the kids. I ease up from making cakes now I am in unversity. ( sold all my cake decorating stuff to attend university, what a dumb move) . I must admit the proft help me a long way. Now, being in unversity I am thinking about starting all over again and start making cakes for the students on campus. The university has over 4,000 students...
Wow, I am impressed with what everyone had to say. I did the Wilton Master course in May 2005. I would like to specialize in fondant and gumpaste flowers. I guess I will buy more books and practice, practice. I see practice is the key along with inspiration and self determination.
How did you learn to decorate cakes? Did you go to culinary school? did you learn on your own? Please tell your story. I have some baking and cooking skills under my belt (self taught). Does it make sense to go to culinary school or just take a few professional classes (learn from the best) from Nicholas Lodge, Toba Garrett, Maisie Parrish, etc. I am in unviersity getting my accounts degree and i cannot afford to take out another student loan.What is your view?
Look just like the photo. Good job.
Use waxed paper at the back of it.
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