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After reading 10 pages of thread, Let me get this straight:1. Use chocolate wafer or chocolate you can purchase out the food store and melt down as your base.2. To add colour use different color candy melts to change the colour of the chocolate.Is this correct,
I am getting into gum paste flowers, what are the basic luster dust colors do i need to get started with?
What is a Preval sprayer?
Thank you shirleyW for the head up.
Nice site. Good luck
I love this thread, i have learn so much about making figure. All this time, all i needed was a clay sculptin books to learn from. The rest is history.
i think to prevent lump sidedness. It makes sense.
I worked in a bakery and they had a convention oven. when they bake muffins, the will come out lump sided. The fan in the convention blew the muffin on one side as they baked. I hope this dont happen to your cakes. Turn the fan on low I guess
I found Robin Hood cake and pastry flour next to swan cake flour. Have anyone tried Robin hood cake flour?
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