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Merissa, I was so confused. Thank you for clearing up things. Now I can sleep tonight and dream about the different transfer I will do.
Great recipes!
I'm sorry, I guess its been a long day for me. Please break it down for me. What ingredients do I need to do chocolate transfer, this is my first time learning about this. Okay, i know Wiltons sells different color candy melts, you mean them. Where can i buy the actual chocolate needed for the transfer. So after I melt the chocolate add for example a red candy melt to get the chocolate a red color.
Nice cake!
I know it feels great? Congrat.
Thank you, i really need to buy his DVD. He has alot of techniques.
thank you
Chelle - what do you mean by steamed the flowers?
tyty, would love to try your powdered coffee creamer recipe. Want to share the recipe?
Making a scratch cake, replace the liquid with liquid coffee creamer. Or using powder coffee creamer I would imagine mixing it with the liquid mixture.
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