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I am experimenting with isomalt and beads on string. What type of string do you use for this method? I remembered a while back there was a discussion on various strings to use, some suggested floss. But will floss be strong enough to hold the weight of the beads. Any suggestions?Edited for additional comments.Nevermind, found the answer.
Thanks AAtKT
Just wondering if anyone purchased or tried the Sassie Shot Sugar Gun. Is it would the money? Or should I stick to the old fashion method of using the microwave. Any thoughts?
Thanks Shanter.
Thanks for the coffee tip.
Thank you everyone!
Costumeczar, I can't get enough laugh from those emails. You really tickle my funny bone.
I noticed a few people make cakes and buttercream that called for egg white. I am curious, what do you do with the left over egg yolk?
I want to try a gingerbread cake recipe I found. However, one of the ingredients is guinness beer. I don't drink and I will not be going to the liquor store for one beer. What can I use in place of guinness beer in the recipe?
Thanks msthang1224, I PM her.
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