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Thanks Snocilla.
Looking for the pan grease recipe. I saw it here a while back. What's the ratio of shortening to flour. I am doing some christmas baking and I have a lot of cakes to bake and dont want them getting stuck to the pan. Please help.
Lovely cake for a good cause.
Point well taken, lol
Dreamcakesonline, you truly are an Accountant. Very analytical in a good way. I am studying accountant now.You brought up a few good points.
I have made MMF and added 1 tbsp glycerin and it turned out great. The glycerin helps its to be more stretch more. Very very cheap to make I use any name brand marshmallow all worked.
I finally did the cake its in my gallery. I did not do the cornelli lace as originial plan.Thanks again for you help.
lol, hockey pucks
Thank you Uniqueask, found it.
Great idea with the PVC pipes.
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