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I did a faux cake for a friend a while back, and now another bride wants this same cake. see link below. bride wants the top cake 6" real and the rest fake (2 -8" & 10"). How much do I charge for this? She wants dark brown ribbon and real flowers on it.
I am thinking about purchasing a projector. Who all own one? Do you use it alot. Please give me some guidance, if I should make this purchase or not?
How much do you charge for your 3D spiderman? was thinking to charge the customer $140. Does this sound right? It would be done in buttercream and air brushed.
Thank you Egensinnig and Milkmaid42.
Egensinnig, Is the whipping cream pre-whipped? What are the the exact measurements for the mousse ingredients? I want to give this a try, sounds great!
I want to make flowers like rose, tulip, poinsettia, daisyand some filliers. About 5 basic flowers that I can use on any cake. The question may have been asked before, but what tools should I purchase. I am putting my business plan together and I need to include of the tools and equipment I would need.
Second that Mike!
Thanks for the info.
I was watching Cake Boss the other night and notice he used a steamer on his fondant cakes. What does the steamer do to the fondant? I am curious. Do any of you use one.
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