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I need help on how to carve and construct an excavator cake for a guy 49th b-day. Any help would be appreciated.
For a moist cake, all you need to do is mix the butter and sugar together until it turns pale in color about 8-10 mins. This method incorporate the air bubbles which will result in a mosit and fluffy cake.
Update, I put the fondant in the microwave to soften. It tasted great, however after the fondant cool down it became hard again. I kneaded and kneaded the fondant. It was so hard I needed iron arms. I throw it out and made another batch.
Thanks Anothercreation.
I was asked to bake a cake for a princess theme party. Of course its short notice, but would do it because its for my daughter daycare teacher. I need help with an idea. The cake will be 9 xc 13 iced in buttercream.Any ideas to spare??????
I have MMF that I made about 4 months ago. It's hard like rock. If I put it in the microwave for a few minutes to get soft, will I still be able to use it. Or should I make another batch.
The link does not work.
Thanks for the info.
Questions, a bride what ribbon on her cake. 1. Do I supply the ribbon or she does? 2. Cake iced in buttercream, what type of ribbon would be best to avoid the ribbon from getting saturated with the icing (grease)?3. How much do you charge to rent cake platters? Where can I purchase them? Do I need one or the cake board will be sufficient to display the cake? The bride wants a 3 tier cake 6, 8, & 10.
KHalstead, do you think $120 would be a fair price for this cake. 6' real, (2) 8" fake and 10" fake. All my supplies and ingredients cost $43.54. Would it make sense for them to keep the faux and not return it.
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