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Wow, 30 booking, You go girl . I understand the frustration of the cake process from start to finish, its horrible. But I love doing it. Thanks for the feedback guys.
I have decided just to offer wedding cakes. A 8" round cake my $60.00 price for birthdays is not worth my time in the kitchen. Customers can go to the local grocery store and get the an 8" cake for $12.00 for less decorations and its cold.There I said it.Any comments?
I am trying to decide whether to make my own buttercream icing or not. I saw white But-R-Crème made by Dove in the local Cash and Carry store. Any tried this before? Does it crust to the touch or keep soft. Can fondant go over it and not drupe? How’s the flavor?
Thanks so much for the responses.
I don't understand the difference in serving a 8" round one layer and 8" round 2 layer. I read a one layer serves less than the 2 layer. I thought all is the same serving regardless of how much layers is on the cake. Please explain.A sheet cake for wedding 12 x 18, is it usually one layer or two layers with filing?
The link for Chrysanthemum - does not work Does anyone have another link?
Hello all,I was given 8 bottles of DecoPac Liquid gel color. I need to know if the liquid gel colours have any expiry dates. Now, the person who gave it to me got it from a local food store and the box have written on it "Bakery reduced to clear 400Gram, best before April 29, 2004."Are these still good to use? The are not dried up and they still look good to me.
Thanks 7yyrt
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