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I want to advance my fondant sculpture skills and is looking for advance courses to master the art. I would like to make sculpture people, animal, things to look realistic. Do you know of any class. It doesn’t matter where it is ( USA, Italy, Europe, etc) Please let me know.
Thanks, Princesscris. I have 2 cakes this weekend and will be doing that method of stacking.
Thanks for all the responses.
Often when I stack my fondant cakes, I usually have a small gap between the first cake board and the second tier.To hide the seam I would create a border. How do I get no gap when stacking my cakes. I prefer not to do borders in some of my designs.
I saw Ron Ben Israel use another method to stack his cakes. He puts a dowel rod equal the heights of all the cake into the cake board. Then he stack the cakes. I assume each tier has a tiny whole in the centre to go through the dowel rod.   My question, how does he get the long dowel rod attach to the cake board befrore stacking. Does he hot glue it. Any suggestions?
  A potential customer wants this cake. Is it iced in buttercream or fondant? I am assuming it iced in fondant with fondant tweets/small sticks. I could be wrong. Your thoughts? Can this be done in all buttercream?
Thanks for responding. I will be in touch Flour Confections.
I am looking to purchase Carma’s Massa Ticino (Tropic) fondant in Canada. Can someone suggest a distrtibutor as I was to purchase it wholesale.   Thanks!
Thanks for all the feedback.
I am looking to purchase styrofoam cake dummies wholesale in Canada. Can someone recommend a supplier? I need to decorate several cake for a bridal show. I think buying retail is to expensive.
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