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[quote=(which is now in full effect thanks to me...sorry had to give myself a shout out there..)[/quote]wow.
You COULD just thin the colored buttercream and use that as paint. See the clown skull and calulator in my photos.
Are any of you from Austin? I need some help!
Exactly. Stick to your guns. The customers will come around. It took the folks around here a while to used to my prices and now I am booking 2 months in advance.
Did you adjust the doo hickey in the opening at the end? When I started using mine, I found that by adjusting that it helped the spray come out smoother.
I'm not sure what you're asking....are you wanting to know how to make one or you know how and you just want information on what other folks use?
I've checked them all Jan and none of them were the one I was looking for. Gah! It's driving me nuts! thanks for the help!
for a sunflower. It had a green back ground with lighter green pics. I had it saved to my old computer but of course no longer have it. It used a daisy cutter (I think) and the center was brown gumpaste cut with scissors. Does anyone else have this saved?Thank you!
Another idea for you is to use a vinyl tube. Use a hollow dowel or what have you for the gun. Run the tube thru the dowel. The other end you run it thru the cake. Make the tube long enough so that you can blow thru the other end. I hope this helps.
There is a template for the brim in my photos
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