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I have always done these , love them. Always made and rolled out right away and cut out and then put in freezing for a bit them cook never a problem...well today I havnt made in a while tho but I made and they are so creamy soft that I cant cut out at all...I stuck in the freezer in the bowel right now....I didnt chg anything that I have ever done so why so soft...could it be I melted butter to much if I did will cookies be ok after cold..I dont think I heated the butter...
Well i ended up getting 2 cans of whipped. I am topping them with mmf disc so i dint need much. Cost wise out here it was cheaper also. I norm never use store bought but it just makes it easy this time for such a small Bach. Just hope it colors well
Can u color it still
Sorry meant i have not Sorry on my cell phone so sorry of typos
So i normally use the Cisco type buttercream.icing which i love. But i am doing.such a.quick small banch of 30 cupcakes for a.friend. So the bc is not.expensive but go cheap and quick. Any ideas . Friend wants me to just use store bought. I have used it. How up. Not.really decorating them. Might a little figure or mmf disc or.something . Any ideas please thanks
I am not sure..I am gong to add the fondant to the bottom and add strips and think about top when I am done....I have about 4 hours to finish this and 2 dozen cupcakes and add luster to the all the flowers ,so I want to do somthing easy but not sure yet.
its zebra...botton is square 9x9 (1 pc) and the top is 6x6 but there are 2 of them just cuz the batter made 2. so I have this only 2in of square in ht and 4 in of circle top.
ANYONE??? I have to start here real soon I dont want the top to be topheavy looking
different now. It's zebra on bottom square 9x9x2' top circle but had to use 2 pans 6x6x2 and I have 2 of these since not all batter would fit. I am thinking it might look weird bottom square so small towards the top round. What would u do to fix. Ideas please. Leave it be. Use 3 colors now an make a 3 tier but top 2 be the same size, do a little topsy turby etc any ideas please. I have everything crumb cited just have figure out an finsh in the morning, partyt is at 2...
is it the same, I Heard just add bc ,vanilla, or vodkaAlso to paint on luster dust better to use water or vanilla even vodka thanks
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