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You could also use Chocolate - in any color just make it thick and you can insert or pour you chocolate in the shape you need on a kabob stick. They also make molds, but if you want it big enough, it's fun to free hand too. Good luck with any medium you choose!
Wow, it's so scary to realize how much younger people are so misinformed. We are planning on making sure that our children are well versed in history, current affairs and a bit of everything. This summer we found DVD's of old shows we used to watch. The original Batman with Adam West, the original Spideman TV shows and we are reading the original comics as well. The kids love them. We are slowly introducing history that our children can grasp and understand. They are still...
There is a Unity Poem by By Ray A. Lingenfelter it talks about teacher and parents working together. It's really nice. I used it last year for the teachers and they loved it. you look at my pictures there is a book with kids on 1 side and this poem on the other. Good Luck.
To minimize the breakage I suggest putting wax paper on top of your mold before you turn it over and turn the whole thing over on top of a piece of sponge if you have it or at least a few tea towels. That way, they wont fall on a plate and break They will have a nice little cushion. For the chocolate there is not enough fat in the choc. chips hence the reason they usually do not flatten out in cookies. It's better to either find chocolate melts or a good chocolate that...
Thanks for those site. Good Luck.
7yyt thanks for the link. I have to go on and catch up. We love Eureka.To all a great week. Good Luck.
Welcome to CC, Your cakes look great. Good Luck.
Just ask the store manager of your favorite grocery stores. Things like that can be ordered if they dont stock it on a normal basis. I know a few of the managers at the store now. It's helpful to be able to ask about items you hear about of see somewhere and know you can request them. Good Luck.
I use Gum Arabic with water you need 1 tsp of gum arabic to 1/2 cup of water. Once mixed you keep the stuff in a jar in the fridge. It works great. I usually just pour 1/4 to 1/2 a tsp in a cup for what I need. Good Luck.
Congrats. Happy Baking! Good Luck.
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