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good job!!!!
wow...good job.. be proud of your work...i can't wait to see pictures.
these are very cool tips... thanks everyone who posted them.. hehe
sorry ya'll.. Ive been so tied up lately.. I have the candy shop and now a Butcher shop to run. Been really busy.. and on top of that... We have a little one on the way... great timing huh? haha.. I will find a pic of my cake from my wedding and post it i promise ok!!! But i hope all of you guys are well... Im glad to be back here.. and im gonna start checking in regularly.. i think once a day... well gotta run..
i just saw... the last time i was here was .... May 25th.. hehe... thats a long itme ago! haha
actually.. we also have moved. I am in Ohio Now. We moved 2 weeks before the wedding. So to add to all the hectic- ness we were stressed lets say. We got married on August 13th.. beautiful wedding... the cake was perfect.. hehe i made it so it beter! Since then.. i have started myown candy business/ catering business. We cater to people who work in factories. Like dinners in boxes kinda...and the candy bsuiness is going crazy... we already have about 400 orders for...
i have two ovens in my kitchen. And one time i was makinga graduation cake.. i preheated hte oven and everything. When it was time to put the cake in the oven i opened up the one that was not preheated and stuck the pan in there. 20 mins later i opened up the preheated one and started freaking out thinking someone stole my cake.... lol... im dumb haha
Hey ya'll.. i've been away for a really long time. Without any notice. I got married in August and was really stressed out. Family just left to go back home. And we just got back from our honeymoon. Nice cruise... 18 days away from everyone.. just wanted to let ya'll know im back and will be visiting more frequently. Love ya guys and missed ya much!!lovechrystal
be very careful with this.. My fiancee is Asian> Hes from Taiwan. And i made a cake for a big get to gether and alot of people were offended. I put chinese symbols bamboo and chop sticks on it.. and these people said i was racist.... so be careful!!
thats just gave me a great idea for my wedding shower..thanks!!!Oh yeah your cake turned out good!!
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