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Thanks for the recipe ideas everyone! I did a raspberry tiramisu gluten free vegan cupcake and it was actually really good! The bride-to-be loved it as well as some of the other guests that were just curious about it. We also have nut allergies at my house which made it a little tricky but I did find an all purpose gluten free flour that contained no nut flour.
I have been asked to do gluten free vegan cupcakes. Does anyone have a recipe that they have tried? I've never made gluten free or vegan! What a way to jump in with both feet! TIA! do you whip the ganache or just let it get nice and thick? Spread over or pour?
oh okay, they will only be on over night and then the cake is for the afternoon so it should be good then. Thanks so much for your help!
Can i place gumpaste decorations on a cake that has been iced with Rich's or will the moisture from the icing make the flowers go soft?
No, I didn't know about that store. Thanks so much for the info, I will check it out the next time I am there!
Does anyone know where I can purchase a cake stand like this? I should point out I live in Canada but do go to Port Huron MI every now and then.
;0...comment added!
There is a recipe on here for easy cannoli filling. I haven't tried it yet but it sounds good!
Thanks for the ideas!
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