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You get a call for a wedding cake for approximately 150 people.Do you add the top tier in or not?? I realize you have to charge for that tier in the total price of the cake, but I'm miffed about whether it is added in to the number of servings.Please, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks!
You can also use about a cup of Amaretto and 1-2 tsp of almond flavoring into a box mix (I use DH devil food cake).I had a request for a butter almond cake. This is a recipe I found online but you might could substitute it for a chocolate cake?1 Yellow butter cake mix (without pudding in the mix)1 pkt instant vanilla pudding4 eggs1/2 cup water1 tsp almond extract1/2 cup vegetable oil1/2 cup amaretto liqueur1/2 cup almonds or walnuts, chopped (this recipe was for a bundt...
Thank you all!!!!!!!
I realize this probably is a silly question, but I really don't have anyone else I can ask........Anyone?!
I have been asked to do a basketweave 5-tiered square wedding cake; 6" down to 14" on the bottom - stacked construction. No big deal but I have a question for the more experienced -would you basketweave each layer before stacking or layer and then basketweave? Thanks!
I use Sharon's recipe exclusively now!!I have a 6 quart KA and lowered the speed of mixing and make a smaller batch at a time than her recipe. I found it reduced the air bubbles and I don't need that much icing at one time.This is what I use:2 cups Sweetex2 Tbsp wedding bouquet7 Tbsp coffee creamer liquid2 lbs powdered sugarI just double everything if I am doing a larger cake or small 2-tiered.
You can try a little Crisco lightly rubbed onto the cracks - unless they are too big. The Crisco will dry and not be noticeable.Favorite fondants: FondX, Pettinice and Satin Ice.
Congrats on your first paid order!!! Made you smile didn't it?!I agree that you know something about the cake that you don't like but keep it to yourself. I believe all of us look at our work and think we should have done something different/better, etc. I also believe that most people don't notice things that we do.Now, go spend your money on yourself!!!
Interesting topic and replies!I use only 3" deep pans. Sometimes the cakes are not cooking in the very middle? For example, the "Durable Cake" recipe here had been suggested to me to try. Contains sour cream and pudding used with eggs and a box mix.Out of 3 cakes made, 1 was cooked all the way through. Now I'm a bit scared to try other cake recipes without making a trial one.I also use the flower nail and bake at 350 (my oven has a button to convert it to convection)...
Good topic!!!I live in the "deep" South (5 mins from Gulf Shores, AL) and buttercream will only hold up for outdoor weddings if the high ratio shortening is used (Sweetex for example) - from my experience! Buttercream icing made with butter will start seeping.Fondant is the way to go for heat/humidity in my opinion.
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