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Thank you for your help!!I didn't receive notice of any replies so I'm late responding.
Just wondering which one you prefer? and why?Thanks!!! I seem to be having to add more of the Wilton pastes lately. Thinking about trying different brands.
Thank you for posting your instructions!!!!
Thanks for this post! Been wondering the same thing myself. Dental floss - great idea!
I try to always thank the person with an email or PM that has helped me with a technique, etc. So I don't think you are being unreasonable at all in expecting a follow-up.I tend to also thank them in the comment section when I post the finished cake. Sometimes I will send the person a picture of the cake that they helped me out with.In general, I think people like to know that they helped someone out and a quick little note of thanks, while not expected, is just a nice...
I'm not sure if that's how he did it.I made a cake in Feb using the styrofoam wedges in between tiers (4-tiered Mardi Gras themed cake in my photos). Take a look when you have time and I'll try and help you figure it out!
Wish I could help....Are you talking about using styrofoam wedges in between the tiers? I saw the show you are talking about but can't remember the cake stand.
Ditto on the freezing!!! And if you don't tell anyone, they'll never know you froze them! I let mine cool completely before wrapping in saran wrap before putting them in the freezer. And if the layers are small enough, I'll put them in ziplocs too. Guess I'm just a little anal.The lettering on the cake looks like they were cut from fondant using the letter tappits. I use these all the time - saves from having to write on cakes.You'll have fun with this cake. Sounds...
I suggest emailing or sending a PM to JenniferMI.When I get in a bind, run out of time or am asked for flowers that I can't make yet, I'll order from caljava online. They have pretty fast shipping.
CakeDiva:With your talent I don't think you would have trouble at all making dummies!! Period!Just spritz the styrofoam with water and cover with cheap fondant. Start with white and make different cakes changing the colors of the fondant to darker and darker as you go. You can order dummies from dallasfoam online and they're very reasonably priced.Then you wouldn't have to go through the baking procedure/process even if it was a cheap cake.....Just an opinion!
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