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Interesting question!!I only use 3" deep pans. Just curious why you wanted them to be 4" in height? If you make your filling 1/2" and then your icing on the top of the cake 1/2" you'll end up with about a 4" high cake layer.I use a coupler without the slit in it (found on CountryKitchens online) for filling and icing the top of the cake and it gives you approximately a 1/2" layer. Trick learned from Sugarshack.
I did not get notified that there had been replies to this thread so I'm a bit late to reply..... Very interesting info given since I was here last!!Here's a picture of my finished cake. I took this one to the caterer and she was then responsible for the trip to the reception. I felt much better doing it this way than the last tiered cake I made for her.Mindy: I almost s--t when the caterer called me to tell me the cake had fallen during transit. There was no way I...
Thanks Sharon!! I almost emailed you but know how busy you stay!!Thanks all!!
Thank you Cristi!! I will definitely keep this thread for future reference!! I think once I've made another tiered cake and everything goes well, the anxiety will go away - hopefully!!!!
What does "SPS" stand for?
Thank you Cristi!When you get time, look at my 5-tiered wedding cake, all basketweave, in my photos. It fell over en route to where it was going! I wasn't driving but I guess it has made me a little nervous about another tiered wedding cake!
Hi,I'm making this cake for this weekend. I recently had a cake disaster and I am trying not to repeat it.My question is: would you double-dowel down the center for this cake? It's fondant and the layers are 6", 9" and 12". It will go from my house approximately 15 minutes to the caterer and then another 30 minutes to the reception area.Any opinions/ideas would be greatly appreciated!!Thank you!
Where is "twin falls"? Anywhere near Alabama?! I'd make your cake if you were closer.I'd go with the dummy cakes if you have the time. The cupcake idea is a good one also - very popular idea according to the web. Maybe a 6" cake on the top of the stand with cupcakes filling the rest of the stand.Good Luck!!
If you use a really good crusting buttercream, you can use the Viva almost right away. If it's on the soft side, give it a few minutes to rest. You can always wait a few more minutes if the icing is still sticking to the paper towel. I go behind the paper towel with computer paper to get a really great smoothing effect. (technique learned from SugarShack and Boween)
I bet you could probably use the parchment paper with a fondant smoother or little wooden roller and as mentioned, watch for wrinkles in it.Go with the computer/typing paper!
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