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I cover cake boards with fondant all the time. I just spritz the board (if I remember to...) with water and place the fondant on it.If I put ribbon along the side of the board, I use fabric glue sticks found at Hobby Lobby and glue the ribbon to the fondant. I guess you could use a regular craft glue stick also.If the board is large (14" and up) I cut the center out leaving about an inch - the fondant - where the cake layer will lay. Then you don't use as much fondant. ...
Good topic!!I made a 2-tiered wedding cake Sunday all white buttercream and ivory satin ribbon (in my photos). I didn't put anything on the ribbon - just wrapped it around each tier and put dots of buttercream where the ends joined in the back. Then I put pearl-tipped straight pins here also to make sure the ribbon held.I was very worried about the ribbon not holding so I did this the night before it was due to make sure everything would be ok. It was and no problems!...
Adding the gumpaste and the other things mentioned will definitely restore your confidence when making bow loops!!I've made straight fondant bows/bow loops (have some loops on my kitchen counter right now... still not dry and I made them over 24 hours ago now) but you really have to have the time to let these dry compared to those with the other things added in.Good luck next time!! Don't throw in the towel just yet!
I use sugarshack's recipe which includes the high-ratio shortening Sweetex. I'm sold on it. It works better here than even the all shortening (Crisco) recipe that I used to use.
I live about 5 minutes from the beach in Alabama and another good fondant for humid areas in FondX.I agree with the Satin Ice and Pettinice fondants also as your choices. My choice between those two would be Pettinice - not as sweet-tasting in my opinion as the Satin Ice. Both are very workable fondants.
Karen,Another trick that you can try/use is to put 1/2" foam core board beneath each of your cake layers for an additional bit of height. I tried it for the first time on my Seashell Wedding Cake (in my photos) and I liked the outcome.Good Luck!!
THANK YOU cake queen!!!! Your story made me laugh! It's not funny whatsoever but it's good to know it has happened to someone else! Your poor husband!! I can just envision that drive!!!! I know when I received the call about my cake falling over during transit, I immediately became speechless and sick to my stomach! I didn't know whether to be upset at the girl delivering the cake or upset that the little bride's most important day was messed up!Very interesting...
I tend to agree with txkat about doing business with people you know or by word of mouth. Friends, etc. will automatically know you don't own your own business and that you work out of your home.
It made it to the caterer that is!!! I'm hoping it made it to where ever it was going. Haven't heard anything one way or the other about that.......Thanks for the compliment!
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