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I use Duncan Hines Red Velvet cake mix with 4 eggs, 1 packet of Dream Whip and a cup of water. Mix on medium speed for at least 5 mins. Works every time and people tell me how much they love it.
I don't chill cakes before applying fondant and it works for me. I guess everyone has a way of doing it though. I use a thinner layer of buttercream than I would normally under fondant.For edges you can just work with the smoothers until you get it how you like it. The smoother the cake surface and the sharper the edges prior to applying the fondant will help you also.Good luck and experiment!!
I couldn't figure out what this was either when seeing it here!"SPS" is "single plate support" system. I've read on here that they are available at GSA, Oasis and CalJava."SFS" is "stress free support" system. Earlene's has this type.
You can use buttercream or royal icing. I've used buttercream on just about every bow I've done.The last bow I attached, I used melted chocolate melts - worked the best for me! However, it dries pretty fast and I didn't have any "play" when putting the bow together on top of the cake!Good Question!
What a great job!!!!!! I feel your frustration regarding cakes 'getting lost' when you post them! I think the fruit looks very realistic without being shiny. Maybe pearl dust would have made them shiny?
Good Topic!I spritz the dummies with water and apply fondant directly to it. When I'm ready to reuse them, I just soak them in warm water (the fondant will come off) and let them dry really good before using them again.I have also made buttercream dummies with a Sweetex (or all shortening recipe) and they last a pretty long time also.Good luck in your competition!!
Welcome to CC!!I use primarily 1/2" foam core board found at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I'll use this for up to a 3-tiered cake. Many times I'll make a double base like a 14" and a 16" under the bottom 12" tier. It's just a personal preference for me - nice look and is fairly sturdy even for fondant cakes.A lot of CC's use 1/2" and 3/4" plywood for heavy cakes. For heavier cakes I've started using boards from a cite online (Logic Pic) and have been pleased so far with...
Bravo vdrsolo!!!!! Thank you for clearing up my questions!!
(SPS: single plate support system)I had a cake tragedy like yours - 5 tiered basketweave fell over in route - and I can definitely relate to your pain!!! and frustration!!! We ruined their most important day! Or at least I felt that way for a couple of weeks....I'm interested in the difference between the SFS and SPS systems though because of the cost. I don't make that many larger tiered cakes to warrant the extra cost of the SFS system but will definitely consider...
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