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Another vote for Sharon's recipe!!
"themrsprinkles" here on CC has a great one too!
I agree - what a nice thread!!!I am not a "newbie" but I am definitely still in the learning mode. The help and ideas found here from others is greatly appreciated!
Welcome to CC carvan!!"Indydebi" does a lot of dummy cakes using buttercream and would be a great resource for you.I have done dummy cakes for displays and have used buttercream with out any problems. It may depend on humidity levels where your friend lives and other problems like that for keeping it.The royal icing is a good idea also if you think it would match the rest of the cake?Good luck!
You guys are too funny!!
Good Job Daisy!!I started watermarking a couple of my cakes yesterday after reading the threads on here from last week....If you go back and watermark a photo that is already in your gallery here, i.e.: replacing a photo, the description information you originally added with the picture will be lost. Just thought I'd pass that along so it won't happen to others.
Appreciate the help!!
Thank you for posting this thread Noelle!!A question that I have after reading the entire thread:If you have a website for friends, perspective customers, etc. do you still have to worry about your cake photos being stolen? I don't have a web page but was seriously thinking about making one because people keep asking me if I have one so they can look at my cakes.This whole issue is very disturbing to me as it is with others here. It does make you think about posting cake...
I'm so glad I found this post!So if you order specifically airbrush colors you don't have to dilute or mix with anything?
You can either eyeball it for thickness or mark something, a skewer for example, at 1/4" and stick in the center or randomly on the fondant surface. But then you would have to smooth the marks out or cover with a decoration once on the cake.
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