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I am making a 5-tiered wedding cake for this weekend and would like the advice from any of you about construction/travel....The cake is a 6", 9", 12", 15" and an 18" styrofoam dummy layer - all buttercream/basketweave. It will be on (2) 1/2" foam core boards and double dowel rodded from top to bottom.The distance it will travel will be approximately 10-15 minutes with no sharp turns, bumps, etc.QUESTION: would you take the cake all put together if you have help loading...
Interesting!I completely construct the cake prior to decorating it.Learn something everyday!
I live in about as far South in AL as you can get - Gulf Shores/Elberta. I make several outdoor wedding cakes with fondant and I use a crumb coat of B/C and - so far - haven't had any problems.Something I have started doing is making sure the bride understands that humidity and cakes don't go together. I think if you show true concern for the cake and something should happen they understand.Good Luck!
Great Post!Just curious how you don't get the gold luster dust mixture all over the cake while painting the scrollwork?Is there a trick?
I would suggest dowel rodding it. Especially if it's going to be transported.Some people don't dowel rod a 6" and a 10". Opinions will vary I'm sure but I would dowel rod it.Good Luck!
Good Question!!I recently started using a bench scraper across the top after smoothing the BC.Are you letting the cake completely dry before covering with fondant? Like 3-4 hours?Good Luck!!
Hi,I have been asked to make a wedding cake for 400 guests!Any suggestions on cake layer sizes would be greatly appreciated! Margaret
I made a 4-tiered cake with the styrofoam wedges (in my gallery) and traveled 45 mins and it made it fine. Many dowel rods!Just a note: I ordered the wedges from dallas foam online. As mentioned above the instructions by Collette are perfect.
I also have a site through HomeStead. As Bethkay mentioned, it was pretty easy to make yourself. They have excellent customer service if you have any questions or get in a bind when your making it.
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