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I use styrofoam dummy layers on large wedding cakes all the time. If I'm making a fondant cake I just mist the dummy lightly with water and cover with the fondant. (as already mentioned)If I'm making a buttercream cake I just ice it as if it were a real cake layer.Cleaning: just pull the fondant of as already mentioned with a butter knife or spatula. Be as careful as you can not to dent the dummy.Washing with just warm water and letting the dummy dry outside - in the...
Weird! Sounds like they are ivory or something. I just order some from pfeil & holing (huge container/bottle) and they were more ivory than white and I believe they called them 'sugar pearls'. I had to go with "antique white" satin ribbon on the cake to match. After it was all finished it looked just as white as other pearls that really are white! (it's my most recent photo upload - 4 tiered cake - if you need to see an example.Hope this helped....
I agree with bettinashoe.I recently made a cake using 7", 10" and 13" square cake layers. I made styrofoam squares to put beneath the 7" and 10" layers - 2" less in diameter and only 2" in height. Worked perfectly! If the florist wires the flowers you can stick them into the dummies. On my cake the flowers were just placed in front of the dummy layers and hid the styrofoam completely.Good Luck!!
As far as the grease soaking through, you could wait a day between finishing the cake and putting the ribbon on.
Good topic!On round layers I attach the ribbon in the back with some piping gel. If you take your time you can just wrap the ribbon around the tier and not use anything to "glue" it to the layer. I think a major thing is to make sure the cake layer is as close to perfectly vertical as possible.On square layers I put dabs of icing or piping gel at the corners to make sure the ribbon doesn't move.Good Luck and I'm sure you will get a lot of helpful hints on this one!
Cake "drums" are usually 1/2" vs the thinner cake "boards".You can also make your own "drums" - use 1/2" foam core board. Michaels and Hobby Lobby both sell it and you can get several boards out of 1 piece.Just a suggestion.
Here's a picture of the cake.It made it completely in tact!! A friend of mine rode with me and we did have to make a sudden stop ---- The cake didn't move an inch!! I almost peed my pants........Thanks to you all for the support and help!
Thanks again! I'm feeling better now.
Thank ya'll very much!!I use the SFS system for support and 3/16" foam core boards under each cake layer. I think I needed back-up - that I wasn't crazy about assembling the cake for delivery.Thank you again!
Please help!
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