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Sure. The classic technique is to wrap a buttercream cake with a striped ribbon -- more like a band, really -- that's the same height as the cake. Not an easy task. You can see it in the Wilton Encyclopedia chapter on pulled sugar. I saw Wyn Grisham demonstrate the technique live once, and I'm still not sure she has only two hands. I've used 1" wide sugar ribbon as a base border on cakes many times. It doesn't melt the fondant -- you just need to work quickly to get a...
For a solid dome, my first thought was to pour a bit of Isomalt and swirl the bowl to cover evenly. But then I thought that might be a real pain and could potentially lead to some burns as you slosh hot Isomalt everywhere.I think I'd fill the bowl with cooked Isomalt and let it sit a few minutes so the Isomalt touching the bowl will start to set, then pour out the rest back into the pan. May take a couple layers, and you'll have a bit of clean up to do where you pour it...
Fine -- I didn't notice any off flavor from the artificial sweetener. Tastes just like regular SMBC, only denser.
Not a lady, but you're welcome.
Add a touch of black petal dust to your silver.
IMBC won't work with Splenda because Splenda won't make a syrup. But I've done SMBC with it, and it works fine. It's a little heavier than traditional SMBC, but I had no problem icing cakes and piping border and simple flowers (rosebuds, sweetpeas, etc.) with it.
Dishwasher. Honest!I don't soak them or anything, just stick it in the dishwasher (push down onto the prongs to keep it from flying around), and send it through a normal cycle. Sometimes I have enough dummies to clean that I can run a cycle with just dummies, but usually I'll stick one or two in with my regular dishes.The detergent breaks down the icing, and they come out squeaky clean.
Cool, thanks for the info. I always knew that the term "vegetarian" came with an asterisk ("I'm vegetarian -- I don't eat red meat, but chicken and fish are ok" Huh?). I guess not all vegans are as hard core as they're reported to be.
It's a pain in the butt and frightfully expensive. But otherwise no problem. I've had success with this method:First, make sure you're not doing any decorating that's overly fragile. Also, you don't want anything that sticks out from the cake too far. After decorating, freeze the cake solid. Remove from the freezer and wrap with plastic wrap -- not so tight that it might squish the decorations -- just enough to cover. Place in a cake box, and stuff the box with...
I'm not a vegan, so I'm tempted to believe the word of someone who deals with this on a regular basis. But setting aside the gelatin issue, from what I understand, white sugar is processed using bone charcoal, so I'd think that means that NO fondant is vegan unless it's made with raw sugar, which would make it tan. Is there vegan white sugar?
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