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I guess it's possible, but wouldn't I have smelled it? I do break my eggs in a small bowl and then add them to my batter just for that very reason and also to prevent any sneaky pieces of egg shells that might try to get by me.
I agree with KHalstead (sorry, Debbi ). It looks like it was done the same was as bridges for extension work using royal icing.
Yesterday I made a chocolate cake using a recipe from McCall's Cook book (an old book that I believe it out of print currently). I haven't made this cake in quite a few years, but whn I did in the past it was always a hit. I threw away the one I made yesterday, but it's bugging me as to why it came out so bad.First thing, I usually make three 9" x 1.5" tall layers and yesterday I made two 8" x 2.5" tall cakes. Both cakes had a sunken center and appeared darker than...
Wow! Awesome! You really did a fabulous job and got the color spot on!
Cool, Denise. I know it was up a couple of days ago and, not wanting to take any chances, I ordered the printout. Hopefully we'll reach our goal of 1,000 signatures and I'll have it re-printed. I just didn't want to take a chance on loosing what we had so far, but by doing that I'm sure it will stay accessible now! lol
Okay, here's the latest regarding THE PETITION.I contacted the owner of the site and he apologized and said that they are aware of the problem (since Friday morning).Here's a link he sent to me and I wanted to share it with you. Hopefully this won't cost us too many signatures and the petition site will be accesible again soon:
Thanks for your support! We need as much as we can get!I tried the petition and you're correct about the connection, Denise. I'm hoping that they're just upgrading or servicing the site. To date this has only happened once before that I know of, so I'll try again in a few to several hours. Please do the same and as soon as you can sign.Here's hoping your hubby gets home as soon as possible (that the days go fast), and that you and your family find some closure, justice...
Sounds like your mom should rethink her friendship with this woman! lolShe and her 'kin' sound like their more trouble than they're worth.
Thanks, Kelley. Isn't that the same situation as Indian? I was just about to go looking for their information.
Okay, here's an update. (I posted something, but just got some new information, so I'm editing my post). Here is the original and I will follow it up with some new information.We do have a number!!! S2908Remember this is your new favorite number!........for now. lolSenator Marcia Karrow introduced the bill yesterday in Senate. I don't have many details yet. Stephanie was in contact with her office and we should be able to see it online on Tuesday of next week to see...
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