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Just wanted to stop by and say Congratulations to all in Arkansas. Sounds like a win to me!Hopefully before the end of this year we'll have a bunch more states added to the list of those that have a Cottage Food Law enacted.
Greetings from NJ. Just wanted to stop by and wish you all the best of luck on this bill, but from what I've read it doesn't sound like you need it. Can't wait to hear some good news soon from SD. Wishing you all the best!
Felicia, and everyone else in Washington, just stopping by to wish you all good luck! Sounds like it's going really well and hope the trend continues. Keep up the great work!
Hi, Barbara.Greetings from NJ! Wishing you and all the Floridian home bakers the best of luck. Hoping to hear some good news next week or soon thereafter.
Geez, you leave a place for 14 years and they change everything!!! (Darn! Think I just gave away my age.)
Not meaning to hijack this thread, so I'll end it here, but aren't those small markets (greenmarkets) only one or two days a week during Spring and Summer? And again, for the purposes of this thread, it would only be sales at farmers markets, greenmarkets, etc. Not out of a residential kitchen.
I had to check this out because I had checked into it about a year and a half ago and didn't remember any changes being made since then and it's the same as I remember. Basically this is to sell not potentially hazardous food items, made in a residential kitchen, at farmer's markets and stands. It doesn't seem to allow for the sale of goods to individuals out of the home. Besides, can you really see someone setting up a farm stand anywhere in Manhattan or the boroughs? ...
GREAT NEWS EVERYONE!!I just received a phone call from a staff member of Asm. John DiMaio's office (District 23). She actually called me from her home at 6:40 this evening (Wed, 3/2/11) to let me know that due to the voice message I left her yesterday, she remembered the packet I had sent and took it out to review it. She brought it to Asm. DiMaio's attention and they agreed that since there is a raw milk bill being prepared to be sponsored (by Senator Doherty and Asw....
Thanks to all your support so far, we know have a bill that was introduced in the NJ State Senate on February 22, 2011 - S2734!Please, don't stop now. Now we need to support this bill and let our legislators, and everyone else, know that we want this bill to go all the way and become law! Write those letters, make those phone calls and send those emails! Tell your legislators you support S2734!To view the bill:
For all those who've sent letters to their NJ Legislators, please PM me and let me know what District you're in (by number) and to whom you've sent your letters.I've been making phone calls to all of the Legislators (not finished yet), and so far most of them have told me that they haven't heard from anyone else. I'm sure either they genuinely don't know (as not each person who answers the phone is the same as the one who opens the mail - and that was also a problem for...
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