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Thanks, Elcee.
Beautifully done!  Those look amazing!   So I guess the Duff brand fondant hardens enough when used on cookies then.  Thanks.
Thanks for your reply, MBalaska.  I'm surprised you had no luck with your fondant-covered cookies.  I've made cookies before with fondant decorations and those who liked fondant enjoyed them.  Of course, those who didn't like fondant weren't too crazy about them.  This was a few years back and I used Satin Ice and just applied them to fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies.  If I was a little late in getting the fondant on the cookie or I didn't trust it to adhere well, I used a...
For those wondering what lace points are, here's an example of the royal icing decorations called lace points on a cake:
Never mind.  I did a ton of research online and dug around for my notes from when I used a few different types of fondants in the past and decided to just go with Choco-pan.
I'm thinking about trying to decorate sugar cookies with Fondarific or Duff's fondant since I've heard they taste really good and I like the color, but I've never done it before (I've used MMF and Satin Ice with good results).  I was wondering how well this/these brands would work since I know they're a lot softer than SI.  Also, if anyone's used Fond./Duff's, does it dry to a harder finish like most fondants?  Finally, has anyone frozen cookies with Fond./Duff's on...
Anyone looking for information regarding New Jersey should go to our Facebook page at  You can also follow us on Twitter: NJHomeBakerBill.  Just sayin'.
I totally agree.  I loved using the ratings and also contributing my own after trying a recipe.  I'd love to see them make a reappearance.
New Jersey DOES NOT have a Cottage Food Law. Unless you have a place on your property, separate from your living quarters (including a separate entrance), that meets all of the requirements set forth by the state for all "retail food establishments" in the: , OR you are selling your baked goods at a charity's or religious organization's bake sale and have a prominently placed placard stating...
Please let us know what the outcome was.
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