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Very much DISLIKE this new layout! Can't seem to find anything I had saved....esp the recipes! I can't even figure out how to search for a recipe!! Just a few days ago, I saved a bunch of recipes and pictures for an upcoming cake this can't find any of them. Very disappointed, and slightly annoyed b/c I'm going to have to go to other sites, just to HOPEFULLY find the recipes I had saved
This thread is cracking me up!!! I never knew refridgeration & milk was such a hot topic As someone who just moved from Europe 4 months ago (from the Netherlands) they do have shelf stable milk....same kind that we have in the boxes, just different brands. But, they also have normal, pasturized milk in the refridgerated department. However, none of the eggs are kept cold.....thought it was crazy at first and now I NEVER put my eggs in the fridge. Makes the cake much...
No clue about the shortening you used.....not sure the difference b/w regular crisco and the "meat fat" one???? But, I haven't had any problems with the new crisco, surprisingly I actually think my BC tastes better! Go figure.....hope someone will have a better answer for you
I LOVE Devil's Food cake mixed with strawberry preserves.....dipped into extra dark chocolate w/ white choc.'s like super yummy choc. covered strawberries YUMMY!
quote]She said it perfectly! It's pure grain alcohol, and it doesn't leave an aftertaste because Ii's 95% alcohol (where vodka is 50%). It dries super quick! All the alcohol evaporates. It's 190 proof, it's used for cooking because it has such a high proof. You can't drink it's actually illegal in some states in the U.S. I know Ohio and West Virginia can't even sell the stuff. I don't drink alcohol either. We just picked this up because I started doing cakes....
I would just use your same recipe for batter as if you were using a 2" pan. Having a higher side shouldn't make a difference, at least it doesn't to me. So, bake it in your pan twice and then cut each layer in half....aka: torte the layers. You should have 4 very thin layers Hope that Helps!
Everclear is just a type of grain alcohol.....kinda like a moonshine HAHA It's not vodka. Neither will leave an aftertaste. The higher the proof the faster it will evaporate so those 2 are really good for mixing with the dusts. I've made almost a half a cups worth to paint over some pieces that I wanted to look silver. Started with gray fondant. I poured the whole small bottle of Wilton's silver dust into a bowl and then added the vodka, about a 1/4 tsp at a time till it...
I thought all fondant was horrible till I tasted Satin Ice (rolled thin) and I love, even the texture of it with a good layer of was super yummy!!!
So I have a vision now of a "cake inthe clouds"!!! A cake held up by coolwhip!!!! OK So I not ANYWHERE good enough to make this but I think it would look soooo cool.....someone make it for me and send me a pic
Thanks for all the help everyone. I was hoping to do it all before I got there, but guess I'll just wait till March when we get there and ask around then. Thanks
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