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Thank you! I will be trying this for last day of school celebration! Thank you, Thank you!
Paula Deen has a great recipe that starts with a box mix.
Yes, absolutely. I've kept them in the freezer for up to a month without a problem. I'm not sure how long they would go for past a month, since they never last that long. Hope this helps.
This is my first time doing a 3-tiered cake (10,8,6). Usually for a 2-tiered cake, I use single cardboard cake circles for each layer. Do I need to double the circles for a 3-tiered to support the weight? And can I still use plastic straws for support?
I have a graduation party coming up. They want a 3-tiered cake serving 55 people. What size pans? 12-9-6? 10-8-6? What should I charge? I live in CA. Thanks.
The butter/oils from the cakes can extract chemicals from the contact paper, causing potential poison for whomever is sensitive. Plates, utensils don't have these oily properties to extract anything from the contact paper, therefore is safe to use. If you own a bakery and use contact paper, this could be a liability for you as well. There is a reason why certain items are not "food safe". Better to be safe than sorry. Use caution, CCer's. I'm a chemist.
Don't reply to her. You clearly stated that you don't need her business. She'll soon find out that you were giving her a big break when she tries to find another baker. Remember, don't reply to her, just forget the whole thing and move on. You don't want to give her another opportunity by repying back. Nicely done.
Didi5, you totally rock!
Part of my wedding was fake. I had a beautiful two-tiered cake, the bottom was styrofoam and the upper was a real cake used for the cake cutting ceremony. The reason I had a partial fake cake was because we opted for a dessert bar with chocolate fountain, cakes, cookies, brownies, etc. It was one of the best decisions we made. The baker told me it was a lot easier to handle and deliver the cake. Everybody was happy!
How is that done? Can someone post a "how to" article or give me advice on how I can make fondant look like a quilt? Thanks so much!
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