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My friend's daughter is getting married and she is looking for a cake designer. They are located in the white mountains area. Their wedding theme is nightmare before christmas(movie). If you are interested would you pm me so I can get you their info? Thanks!!!
Anyone have an actual answer to her question? I would love to know how to ship them too. They would be a fun gift to send to my family over the holidays.
Thanks Sweetflowers. I guess I should still look at the wilton year books. It didn't seem like there was ever anything new so I quit buying them. Considering cake decorating has been around for a very long time there probably aren't too many original ideas out there, huh.
That makes me sad it was done on video 3 years ago! Here I was thinking it was an original idea! Oh well.
That is my cake- I'm glad you liked it! There is a post on chocolate wraps with full instructions on basic wraps here on CC, I also have instructions on my blog. Read through the instructions so you understand the process but instead of smoothing chocolate out just drizzle it back and forth in crisscross motion. Hope that made sense.
Glucose will soften the fondant too much for figure sculpting. I use tylose to make fondant dry harder when using for figures.
Her dress is beautiful and I wish my talent with cake designing was anywhere near developed enough to design a cake that stunning! I love the whole thing!!!
All I use is americolor gel but I still find I get a better tasting black if use the powder color plus a little gel.
If you make your own fondant you can add the powder color while its still wet. I still add some black gel but not nearly as much. All of my black fondant cakes were made using that method of coloring.
I like to start with chocolate and add black powdered color. It prevents it from getting to wet.
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