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I am making a wedding cake for a friend and she wants white cake with black confetti baked in. I have searched and can not find the best way to achieve that. Has anyone made a black confetti cake? I would appreciate any ideas or tips. Thanks
Does any one know the best place to purchase small toys for the tops of cakes? The mother wants a pirate ship with toy pirates on it but wants to make sure they are food safe. I have looked but am having trouble locating any meant for cakes. Thanks
I bought a tackle box from Walmart that has several trays and they lay in it perfect, and then I can organize them by color in the trays. I have one for airbrush and one for plain colors
My most saved cakes: Old Age Kit:[url]
Missouri differs from county to county. A call to your local health department is the best place to start.
I hesitated to spend the money on this program. But I can tell you it is so worth it!!! There are other discussions on here about it with lots of great reviews. And they are so helpful. I am so thankful I purchased it.
Me Too!!!
Thanks guys
Does any one know how long chocolate covered oreos keep without getting stale? A friend wants to take some to her daughter's graduation and would need them a week in advance. Thanks
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