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The catch with keeping the cake chilled until it goes outside is that then you get condensation that makes the moisture problem worse.  I'd suggest removing from the fridge several hours early, continuing to keep it in a cool, air-conditioned room until time to move it outdoors.
How about lining the pan with foil or heavy-duty plastic wrap?  It may not take a full lining, even a couple of strips of foil might be enough to allow you to lift the finished fudge from the mold.  
just got a new catalog from Oriental Trading Co and was surprised to find many packaging options - plain or in fall and Halloween designs - with good prices for small quantities. Example is a gold 4 1/2 " square window box , $4 a dozen, polka dot cupcake box with window and handle, $5.25 a dozen.
Yes, they freeze well. Just be sure to leave them wrapped until they come to room temp once out of the freezer, so any condensation will be on the outer packaging rather than on the mints.
I bought store-brand rice crispies last week to use in cheese krispies. I was shocked when I opened the box and saw how white they were - told my hubby that if I had been planning RCTs, I would have to toast the cereal first just to make them look right. So maybe it would help to bake the cereal till it gets a bit browner?
Sounds like all you need to do is add filling and you've got whoopie pies - double Yum
for variations with GF cake mixes, i reccommend :
There are laws on how a mail-order company must handle backorders. Their card asking you if you wanted to cancel or keep waiting is required by law. Not sure, but there may be a point past which they cannot keep you waiting and must drop the order. I would hope that their follow-up mailing offering the item again means that they now have stock and are able to ship again. Haven't ordered from them, haven't tried the product, but hate to see a company get blasted for...
just a hobby baker, so don't have all the answers, but one difference is that you get less brown crust in silicone than in metal. Another difference is that silicone is floppy - large silicone pans usually have to be supported with a baking pan to move them after being filled. I have silicone cupcake pans and use them in the microwave mostly.
New Taylor Gifts catalog has a cookie cutter for the leg lamp from "A Christmas Story" - don't think I've ever seen that one before.
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