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I used to work in a custom shop where we made our own fondant ( michelle fosters recipe) and i got spoiled working with that stuff because it is sooo easy to work with. I went to another shop where they only use Satin Ice fondant ( it smells like paint... gross)Anyway... I couldn't get the hang of using the satin ice, all of my edges were cracky , it just looked terrible. It made me look like i don't know what I'm doing. Does anyone have any advice on how to work this...
I would use either gumpaste or pastillage to make the lid. Roll it out and cover the underside of the same size pan you used to bake cake.(See shoe box in my pics.) let it dry well then you can easily secure it with melted chocolate ( if youare covering cake with fondant) and prop it up with skewers or dowels. (see the treasure chest in my photos. ) hope this helps
When I take my cakes out of the oven i spread some BC thinned with water over them, like a glazed donut. This helps keep them moist, then when i fill them i always " baste" them with simple syrup that i add vanilla extract to. It helps them stay moist also adds a little more flavor. hope this helps.
I have a cake in my pics that was done with a bow around the middle. Mine was covered in fondant and i "glued"the ribbon and bow on with melted white chocolate. Not sure about buttercream. My bows are made in advance out of pastillage and the ribbon and bow tails are made out of fondant.
I use a 3" diameter piece of PVC pipe my DH had cut for me then sanded with fine grit sand paper. i LOVE it!
you could always try modeling chocolate... I've seen entire cakes covered in it, and it is easy to sculpt and cut designs out of like fondant. There is a recipe for it in this site too.
I work at a bakery as a decorator and i also do cakes from my home of the side my boss knows and is cool with it, she actually refers me for cakes if it is an adult cake, or if she is overbooked, or sometimes if the customer won't pay her price...Anyway... when I am showing my cakes to a potential client I only show them cakes that I have made myself, away from my job. I take pics of the cakes i do at work, but don't use them to promote myself.
I use egg cartons for flower formers and for paint pots.paper towel tubes to hang bows on to dry, also split them in half for leaf and flower formers.I have a huge ( 3" diameter) pvc pipe rolling pin for fondant. bigger pin, less workand a knee high for my PS puff
When I prep cheesecake pans for my boss i always cut a cirle of parchment for the bottom of pan and a long rectangular piece to go around the inside wall of the pan. spray a little pam so the paper will stick.. We never have a problem with them. hope this helps...
DH got a killer deal on a 6qt KA for me last christmas... i LOVE it, I still have my old Sunbeam stand mixer that I use often, for smaller jobs, or if I have to make multiple flavors.It doesn't have a whip attachment, or a dough hook tho. But for making fondant, and large batches of batter, icing etc., I can't live with out my KA.
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